Proper Watering Techniques

proper watering techniques

Proper Watering Techniques

The state of Georgia gets an average of 52 inches of rain per year, or 1 inch of rain per week.  Watering should be done only to aid plants in drought situation, unless they are new plants.  There are a few critical errors people make when watering:

Time of day for watering

Water early in the morning as this allows water to saturate through to the ground.  This way, when the sun comes up, it helps to evaporate what water is left over.  This helps prevent fungus in plants. Watering early in the morning is the most efficient way to water.  If you water at 5pm, the water will evaporate quickly and the plant will not receive the water it needs.  The water will not penetrate deep enough in the soil and into the root zones.  This method is the best bank for your buck.

Types of water for plants

Be careful when watering certain plant materials. Some plants need to be watered below the foliage rather than directly onto the foliage.  For example, if you water Hasta lilies when the sun is up, the water will drop on the leaf and become like a lens magnifying the light.  This will burn the plant surface and leaves.  In contrast, some plants are okay when watered above the foliage.  A good rule of thumb is that if the foliage is soft and delicate, water below the crown. If it is hard like a holly plant, it will be okay with above crown watering.  The crown of a plant is the very center part of the plant.


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