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weed control service

Weed Control & Lawn Fertilization

We offer a six-step program to develop a clean, strong and healthy lawn. Jan – Feb: Pre‐emergence and spring weed control, Mar – Apr: Pre‐emergence, summer weed control, & fertilizer, May – Aug: Fertilizer with summer spot weed control, Sept – Oct: Pre‐emergence, winter weed control, and root fertilization and Nov ‐ Dec: Pre‐emergence and winter weed control.
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Seasonal Color

Let Turf & Arbor Care add color to your landscape. The proper installation of annuals and perennials begins with the soil. We properly till the soil and grade the bed so that your flowers will have healthier roots for a thicker fuller, flower.
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Core Aeration

Core aeration provides root zones greater accessibility to water, air, and nutrients. This along with fertilization, weed control and proper mowing techniques develops the thick, green, healthy lawns that we all crave.
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mulch service

Mulch (Includes Pinestraw)

Mulch supports weed control and erosion and retains moisture in the soil, as well as making your landscape have definition. We deliver mulch to your home and ensure it is placed properly at your plant’s crown. Trench bedlines, thick on outside edges, and all the way to the plant’s crown (and we don’t leave those pesky orange bailing wires in your pinestraw).
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